Take-off Kobala

Take-off Kobala – A Popular Paragliding and Hang Gliding Spot in the Julian Alps.

Description of take-off:

Take-off Kobala boasts a large, well-maintained meadow that offers two possible take-off directions, depending on the wind’s direction. The take-off area is situated at an altitude of 1080m AMSL and offers breathtaking views of the southern ridges of the Julian Alps. The airspace in the area is allowed up to 2900m AMSL.

GPS (ss° mm.mm): N46° 10.86, E13° 46.76.
Suitable wind direction: E, SE, SW, W.
AMSL altitude: 1080 m.
Airspace: Allowed up to 2900 m AMSL.
Take-off difficulty level: Moderate.
Flying difficulty level: Moderate.
Suitable for beginners: Yes, but only in mild conditions (morning or late afternoon).
Access: 13.6 km by car, right to the take-off area.