Take-off Kobala

Kobala is a popular takeoff point for paragliders and hang gliders. It is an excellent starting point for long flights along the southern ridges of the Julian Alps and a well-known competition venue.

Description of take-off: A very large, nicely maintained meadow on the pointed top of the forest-covered Kobala hill.
Two take-off directions are possible depending on the direction of the wind (E and W).

GPS (ss° mm.mm): N46° 10.86, E13° 46.76.
Suitable wind direction: E, SE, SW, W.
AMSL altitude: 1080 m.
Airspace: Allowed up to 2900 m AMSL.
Take-off difficulty level: Moderate.
Flying difficulty level: Moderate.
Suitable for beginners: Yes, but only in mild conditions (morning or late afternoon).
Access: 13.6 km by car, right to the take-off area.

ZPLS members can fly without a vignette, while others must buy a vignette at sales points in the valley.

Tandem flights are only allowed if the contract between the club and the contractor is signed, and the obligations to the club have been settled. If this rule is violated, the operator of the tandem flight is subject to sanctions by the CAA, the police and local authorities.

Ticket price list:

  • Day ticker : 4 €
  • 3-days ticket: 11 €
  • 10-days ticket: 20 €