About DPL Posočje

Who are we?

The activity of the club is mainly focused on recreational and competitive sports activities and the education of young people.

The DPL Posočje association provides the essential infrastructure, such as the land required for take-off and landing, regulations for infrastructure use, and visitor information. As there is a large influx of foreign paragliders and hang gliders, the association’s primary goal in Tolmin is to establish a para/hang gliding centre.

The association’s origins date back to 1977, when the people of Tolmin became more active in hang gliding and organized themselves into a section at the Posoški Aeroclub, participating in competitions under that name. In 1981, the section members founded and registered DPL Posočje. In the following years, they achieved significant success at home and abroad, with hang gliding becoming increasingly popular and flights from Raven to Bovec flourishing. They were among the first in the country to use radio stations for air communication.

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In the late 1980s, the first paragliders appeared in Tolmin and formed their association. They added paragliders to the association with shared interests, such as organizing starting and landing places, leading to rapid membership growth. Through accumulating knowledge and flight experience, younger competitors followed the success of hang gliding and paragliding.