Kobala and Vrše take-off point with the landing place in Tolmin is intended for flying hang gliders and paragliders, for sport flying, competitions, events and training hang glider and paraglider pilots.

Take-off point Kobala

Kobala ia a popular paragliding and hang gliding take-off, as wells an excellent starting point for long cross-country flights on the southern crest of the Julian Alps and a well-known competition site.

Weather conditions: The best conditions for long cross-country flights are with a very weak general N or E wind. However, the western wind, more suitable for local flying, will normally predominate.

Description of take-off: A very large ,nicely maintained meadow on the pointed top of the forest-covered Kobala hill. Two take-off directions are possible depending on the direction of the wind.

  • GPS (ss° mm.mm): N46° 10.86, E13° 46.76.
  • Suitable wind direction: E, SE, SW, W.
  • AMSL altitude: 1080 m.
  • Airspace: Allowed up to 2900 m AMSL.
  • Take-off difficulty level: Moderate.
  • Flying difficulty level: Moderate.
  • Suitable for beginners: Yes, but only in mild conditions.
  • Access: 4 km by car, right to the take-off area.


Take-off point Vrše

Vrše is smaller take-off above Volče near Tolmin. Suitable for calm short flights. Most benefits from this take-off have schools, because of calm descent toward landing site Tolmin.

Weather conditions: Because of location, height and take-off direction, flying is difficult. For some long flights, it has to be N wind.

Description of take-off: Gravel. One take off direction towards E.

  • GPS (ss° mm.mm): N46° 11.02, E13° 41.44.
  • Suitable wind direction: E, SE.
  • AMSL altitude: 580 m.
  • Airspace: Allowed up to 2900 m AMSL.
  • Take-off difficulty level: Moderate.
  • Flying difficulty level: Very difficult.
  • Suitable for beginners: Yes, but only in calm conditions towards landing point.
  • Access: 13.6km by car, right to the take-off area.


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 Selling points around Tolmin area:

  • Kobala center Tolmin,
  • Camp Gabrje,
  • FlyZone Čiginj
  • Camp Siber
  • Bar Pri Noni

 Selling points around Kobarid area:

  • Club Adrenalin (Drežnica 30, 5222 Kobarid)
  • TIC Kobarid
  • Jazbec Idrsko
  • Bar Teja Kobarid

According to a municipal ordinance permits are controlled in the season from 15. April - 31. October.

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All take-off points and landings areas


Kobala Center

Season: 15. April - 15. October
Open: Every day from 10:00 to 14:00. In case of bad weather, office is closed.

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