Kobala Center

Base of the club DPL Posočje. Kobala Center is located on the left side of the road from direction Nova Gorica towards Tolmin. It serves as a location for information, companionship, and a place for organizing competitions in Soča Valley. 

Kobala Center is the primary location for the purchase of your flying ticket in Soča Valley. Purchase is mandatory for all pilots, who are not members of any of the clubs in Slovenia. This vignette (ticket) covers all take-off and landing sites in Soča Valley. Important: Lijak take-off with its landing spot IS NOT included in this vignette (ticket). 

The location is convenient for the gather of all members and pilots before and after the flight.

Kobala Center

 Kobala Center offers:

  • Soča Valley vignette (tickets) available 24/7

Landing place Tolmin

A big meadow located on the flatland by the Soča river. 200m away from Kobala Center.

  • GPS (dd°mm.mm): N46°11.09, E13°43.33.
  • AMSL altitude: 160m
  • Difficulty level: Easy

Important! Please avoid landing on / near helipad!

Where to find Kobala Center?

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For using our sites is necessary to have a ticket.


  • Day ticket: 4 €
  • 3-days ticket: 11 €
  • 10-days ticket: 20 €
  • Season ticket: 35 €

For being without valid ticket there is a penalty of 15€!

All tickets are valid for whole Soča Valley.



 Selling points around Tolmin area:

  • Kobala center Tolmin,
  • Camp Gabrje,
  • FlyZone Čiginj
  • Camp Siber
  • Bar Pri Noni

 Selling points around Kobarid area:

  • Club Adrenalin (Drežnica 30, 5222 Kobarid)
  • TIC Kobarid
  • Jazbec Idrsko
  • Bar Teja Kobarid

According to a municipal ordinance permits are controlled in the season from 15. April - 31. October.

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Kobala Center

Season: 15. April - 15. October
Open: Every day from 10:00 to 14:00. In case of bad weather, office is closed.

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